Apply for an exhibition time

Exhibition periods for 2023

Artists may enquire exbition times for the year 2023 from the e-mail address: nayttelyt (at)
When applying you should notice that installation is usually conducted during normal working hours Monday–Wednesday.
The next application time will end on 31.8.2023.

The services of Mikkeli Centre of Photography for the artists:
1) vernissage invitation;
2) exhibition poster;
3) installation;
4) vernissage;
5) information and PR;
6) customer service;
7) maintenance of exhibition galleries.

Our exhibitions in 2023

Hall and Lobby Gallery: Pasi Räsämäki: Urbaario – A Collection of Urban Finds*
Gallery I: Pentti Sammallahti: Photos from the Centre's Collection*
Gallery III: The Life in Inkilänhovi in the Early 20th Century as Depicted by Miller Siblings

Hall: Verna Kovanen
Lobby Gallery: Alexandra Trufanova
Gallery III: Historical Collections

Sali ja Aulagalleria: Annimari Taivalsaari
Gallery III: Historical Collections

Sali + Aulagalleria (keskuksen oma tuotanto)
Gallery III: Historical Collections

Sali ja Aulagalleria: Vesa Aaltonen
Gallery III: Historical Collections

Sali: Päivi Tuovinen
Aulagalleria: Risto Vuorimies

Gallery III: Historical Collections

Hall and Lobby Gallery: Bright Galleries – Joint Christmas Exhibition of the Centre's Members
Gallery III: Historical Collections

* These are our exhibitions No. 284–285