MEDIA CAMP FOR YOUTH – Content production using Adobe Express application
During the autumn school holidays 23.–27.10.2023

Ville Maanselkä: Luca, Arttu and The Lightsaber. Media Camp, Feb 2023.

The Mikkeli Centre of Photography has organized training since its establishment, i.e. since 1988. In the 2010s, the focus has been on youth education without basic education requirements.

This time we will focus on the Adobe Express application and learn about its many possibilities of use. The goal is to make an exhibition of the camp's artistic products in the Gallery II.

The target group of the camp is young people born between 2005 and 2011, and the camp location is the Mikkeli Centre of Photography.

The instructors of the camp are photography lecturer Pasi Räsämäki, artist photographer MA Olli Jaatinen, audiovisual content producer Ismo Funke and photographer Kauri Tuononen.

Media training for young people is supported by the Regional Administration Office of Eastern Finland, Education and Culture.