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Five gallery spaces in a beautiful building at the university campus of Mikkeli.


Häiriköt Headquarters presents

The Hidden Oil Trilogy is made up of counter ads produced by Jari Tamminen, who use the language of ad format to comment on our dependence on oil. Even though we hardly ever see oil in our own eyes, it is in all and everywhere: Our clothes are made of oil or with the power of oil. Our food is made with oil and we apply daily oil-based cosmetics on our skin. We have learned to recognize the hidden fat in food, but next we should learn to recognize the hidden oil around us. It can also be found in the works printed on the polyester fabric of this exhibition.

Jari Tamminen (b. 1976, Helsinki) is the editor of Voima magazine and the founder of Häiriköt Headquarters, which specializes in counter-advertising. For nearly 20 years, he has been a member of Voima's counter-advertising team and has designed and written dozens of counter-ads. Through counter advertisements, Tamminen has drawn a picture of society and made its invisible structures visible. Tamminen has both curated and conducted numerous art exhibitions. His book Nauti tyhjyydestä – Ja muita vastamainoksia [Enjoy the Emptiness - And Other Counter-Advertisements] was published in October 2019.

Timo Setälä


The Estonian Water Tower Blocks project started when my late friend Otso Kantokorpi called in 2017 and asked if I was going to make a book about the Estonian Water Tower apartment buildings. The following summer I made two trips to Estonia with Otso.

It was clear to me from the very beginning that I would not treat this as normal architecture photography. I wanted to depict the buildings in the spirit of Alexander Rodchenko, to reveal their metaphysical nature.

Otso died before the book was finished, so writing was left to me. This exhibition was created as part of the book project.

Thanks to Kone Foundation.

Timo Setälä (b. 1958 Helsinki) is a photographer and graphic designer. Since 1982 he has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions. Timo Setälä is primarily interested in aesthetics: a photograph is like a painting - it works if it is to work.

Dile Kolanen

Thirty years ago, I lived in the US, in California, dreaming about world domination with my band of that time, The Nights of Iguana.

I returned to my old stomping ground in November 2018. The photographs are from my trip from California through Arizona to New Mexico and Colorado.

My intention was to capture some of those feelings from thirty years back and to write about them. I did not write a single line. I stopped and stood still. I took photographs.

My exhibition consists of moments, recollections, encounters and distances - as i feel them at the moment.

Dile Kolanen (b. 1961) is a musician and a self-taught photographer. He was introduced to the world of photography at a very young age through his father, the photographer Alvar Kolanen, acting as his assistant at photo shoots and in the dark room. Together with his siblings, Kolanen has organised 16 exhibitions of their father’s work. Road trip, distance, encounter is the first solo exhibition of Dile.

Leo Montonen

The photographs by Leo Montonen (1905–1968) are a historical treasure.

Leo Montonen photographed in Puumala, in the archipelago of Saimaa. The collection features beautiful photographs of the life in the 1920s and 1930s in the middle of the Finnish Lakeland.

Leo Montonen's glass plate negatives were discovered in the fall of 2018, fifty years after the photographer's death. The negatives have been digitized and printed for the collection at the Mikkeli Centre of Photography.

The digitization, research and publication of Montonen’s photographs was supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Municipality of Puumala.


Mikkeli Centre of Photography was established in 1989, being one of the oldest centres of photography in Finland. We celebrate our 30th jubilee in 2019. Mikkeli Centre of Photography is a contemporary and versatile Finnish art centre, which houses five separate gallery spaces: Hall, Gallery I, Gallery II, Gallery III and Lounge Gallery. In these galleries there are constanty changing exhibitions showing contemporary Finnish photography, and in Gallery III photographs of the local cultural history and heritage. There is also a small, high quality library of photographic books for the audience in the Lounge as well as an Information Service Desk.

The Centre promotes photography and visual arts on regional, national and international level. The Centre organises high quality art exhibitions, conducts photography, art and media education, is an expert in publishing photography books and houses a Digital Photography Workshop and design workshop space Kultura for artists' work, education and research. We work in cooperation with the Cultural Services of Mikkeli City and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


The exhibitions of Mikkeli Centre of Photography are open as follows:
Tuesday-Friday 12am–5pm
Saturday 10am–3pm
Sundays and Mondays closed.

The summer exhibition is open every day in July, 10am-5pm.

As an exception to normal opening hours, the centre is closed on Bank Holidays, during weeks 51–52 and Midsummer 21–24.6., and when there is a construction period of new exhibitions.


Admission fee: 5 €.
Students, pensioners, draftees, unemployed: 3 €.
Children and youth under 18, press, members of Mikkeli Photography Centre: free admission.
Educational groups with a teacher: free admission.

The centre and the exhibition spaces are fully accesible to individuals using a wheelchair.