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Five gallery spaces in a beautiful building at the university campus of Mikkeli.


Emmi Minkkinen: Vahvanniemi Yard Sauna Society

Emmi Minkkinen

My Sauna People project is about our changing and disappearing yard sauna culture. I do not portray the sauna itself, but the people and the atmosphere. Sauna habits and traditions have changed in recent decades. Courtyard saunas are slowly disappearing as a result of urbanization.

After all, saunas and bathing are still important, but common neighbors' mixed-use sauna nights are a thing of the past: neighbors with their husbands, wives, daughters-in-law and children sit on the same benches. All are welcome in the sauna.

There are also family traditions: a woman who has washed her children's hair, her grandchildren's hair, and perhaps even her great-grandchildren's hair, will eventually reach a certain age and the washer will be washed.

Emmi Minkkinen (b. 1984, Konginkangas) is a photographer from Jyväskylä. She completed her Qualification in Photography in 2017 and has since worked as a self-employed photographer in the field, working on her own artistic projects alongside.

Heikki Hyttinen: Monica

Heikki Hyttinen

My Portraits on Glass exhibition represent portraits of Mikkeli people. They all work in Mikkeli's cultural life either professionally or as a hobby.

The pictures in the exhibition are made using 1850s wet-plate collodion method. The photographic plate must remain moist throughout the process. If the emulsion on the glass or metal plate gets dry, the image cannot be obtained. The collodium uses a mixture of nitrocellulose, various salts such as cadmium bromide and aluminum iodide, alcohol and ether. The works are unique.

Heikki Hyttinen (b. 1969, Mikkeli) is a self-taught photographer. He started shooting traditional black and white photography 20 years ago, has gone from film to digital, and is now back in the basics.

Pete Aarre-Ahtio: Krista Kosonen, actress

Pete Aarre-Ahtio

The visualization of magazines and newspapers has become more character-driven in the age internet and social media. The direction of development may not be good, but it is inevitable.

Meeting of the photographer and the person to be phptographed is often a quick moment. In a short amount of time you have to gain the confidence and create something interesting, which at best tells something new. A good image can also surprise, perhaps even give birth to something bigger than life.

In his work, Pete Aarre-Ahtio often photographs selebrities, many of whom we have a strong perception. The pictures in the exhibition have been strangely searching for that surprise.

Pete Aarre-Ahtio (b. 1967, Turku) is a Lohja-based newspaper photographer who has been a staff photographer at the newspaper Ilta-Sanomat since 2012.

Leo Montonen: Two boys standing on a bench

Leo Montonen, photographer of the Lake People

The photographs by Leo Montonen (1905–1968) are a real treasure. Through Montonen's images, we can take a journey into the past and our cultural heritage.

We live in a country whose main assets are the lakes. The unique body of water and the beauty of the landscape. Montonen worked in Puumala, in the middle of the Finnish Lake District, in the Lake Saimaa archipelago. The exhibition features fine photographs of 1920s and 1930s archipelago life, people and the environment.

Leo Montonen's glass negatives were discovered in the fall of 2018, fifty years after the photographer's death. The negatives have been digitized and printed for the exhibition at the Mikkeli Centre of Photography.

The work related to the digitization, research and publication of Montonen’s photographs has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Municipality of Puumala.

Olli Jaatinen, MA, and Päivi-Maria Jaatinen, PhD, have been responsible for the project.

Mikkeli Centre of Photography 30 years

MIKKELI CENTRE OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a versatile exhibition and art center, located in a beautifully restored building on the Mikkeli University campus, just a short walk from the Market Square.

The center hosts exhibitions, training, high-quality publications, and research and development in the fields of photography, art and visual communication throughout the year.

The center works as an expert in photography and visual culture in South Savo and nationwide. Established in 1989, the center is one of the longest-running photo centers.

The center is an exciting cultural tourism destination, serving the public, artists, educational institutions and anyone interested in culture and the arts.


TEEMU MÄKI 22.8.–21.9.2019

How to Be a Man or a Woman or Something Else

Portrait of Maru (Version 1, part of a triptych, 2018) by Teemu Mäki.

The exhibition by Teemu Mäki deals with a topical and important issue: non-binary gender and transsexuality. The philosophical exhibition creates a strong statement on the behalf of tolerance and many-sided humanity.

Mäki writes: "Many transpeople feel that the binary idea of gender that only recognizes two genders is false. For example, a transmasculine person can be more like a man than a woman on the male-female continuum, yet without being unequivocally a man only. Some transpeople feel that the terms "male", "female", or their intermediate forms and combinations are not suitable at all tp describe their gender, defining instead their gender with the term non-binary gender."

The exhibition showcases multi-part portraits of all kinds of people and of their relationship to gender, family and mortality. It also includes a short film called How Many Genders Are There?, which consists of interviews with transpeople. The large exhibition is displayed in all five gallery spaces.

Teemu Mäki is an artist, author, theatre director and researcher (Doctor of Arts).
He is the chair of The Artists' Association of Finland.


Mikkeli Centre of Photography was established in 1989, being one of the oldest centres of photography in Finland. We celebrate our 30th jubilee in 2019. Mikkeli Centre of Photography is a contemporary and versatile Finnish art centre, which houses five separate gallery spaces: Hall, Gallery I, Gallery II, Gallery III and Lounge Gallery. In these galleries there are constanty changing exhibitions showing contemporary Finnish photography, and in Gallery III photographs of the local cultural history and heritage. There is also a small, high quality library of photographic books for the audience in the Lounge as well as an Information Service Desk.

The Centre promotes photography and visual arts on regional, national and international level. The Centre organises high quality art exhibitions, conducts photography, art and media education, is an expert in publishing photography books and houses a Digital Photography Workshop and design workshop space Kultura for artists' work, education and research. We work in cooperation with the Cultural Services of Mikkeli City and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


The exhibitions of Mikkeli Centre of Photography are open as follows:
Tuesday-Friday 12am–5pm
Saturday 10am–3pm
Sundays and Mondays closed.

The summer exhibition is open every day in July, 10am-5pm.

As an exception to normal opening hours, the centre is closed on Bank Holidays, during weeks 51–52 and Midsummer 21–24.6., and when there is a construction period of new exhibitions.


Admission fee: 5 €.
Students, pensioners, draftees, unemployed: 3 €.
Children and youth under 18, press, members of Mikkeli Photography Centre: free admission.
Educational groups with a teacher: free admission.

The centre and the exhibition spaces are fully accesible to individuals using a wheelchair.