Mikkeli Centre of Photography is a contemporary art centre. The centre promotes Finnish photographic art and visual culture. The centre displays exhibitions of photography, designs and executes publications, conducts research on photography and visual arts and organises art and media education. The exhibition season is all year round.

Mikkeli Centre of Photography focuses on the following:
1. regional and national art photography,
2. photography and cultural heritage,
3. photojournalism,
4. art and media education for children and youth,
5. photography and other visual arts,
6. photography and social well-being.

Board and members
The centre is maintained by the Mikkeli Society of Art Photography. There are over 60 members in the Society. The Society has a board of four members who are media, art, photography and art research professionals.

The staff consists of visual art professionals. The manager is MA Olli Jaatinen. In addition to his research work, he is responsible for customer service and digital workspace activities.

The exhibition and education director is Dr. Päivi-Maria Jaatinen. She is on a study leave and works on part-time basis.

Mikkeli Centre of Photography has worked together in co-operation with several artists and partners. The aim of the Centre´s work is to support and promote versatile fields of photography and visual culture. The centre welcomes visits and co-operation with educational institutions.

Stefan Bremer 2003