Collection of Photojournalism
The Mikkeli Centre of Photography houses three large collections of photojournalism: Ikiliikkuja by newspaper Länsi-Savo and Photographers of our Everyday Life, which consists of the images by Hannes Heikura, Paula Kukkonen, Juhani Niiranen, Markku Niskanen, Timo Pyykkö and Liisa Takala. There is also a collection of Grin PRESS which consists of 120 prints.

Juha-Pekka Inkinen: the Osmo -Series
Artist photographer Juha-Pekka Inkinen donated his Osmo -series from 1989 to the Centre. This collection was digitalised and displayed again in an exhibition when the Centre celebrated its 20th birthday in 2009.

Paavo Jussi-Pekka: Bird's Eye View
Mikkeli Centre of Photography houses also the collection Bird's Eye View by Paavo Jussi-Pekka which consists of 50 prints.

Conducter Sir Colin Davies. Photograph by Liisa Takala. Collection The Photographers of Our Everyday Life.

The Jazz Dog. Photograph by Antero Ollikainen. Collection newspaper Länsi-Savo.

Juha-Pekka Inkinen: Osmo -series.