Mikkeli Society of Art Photography
Mikkeli Society of Art Photography was founded in 1988 on the initiative by Olli Jaatinen. The Society has maintained as the governing body of the Mikkeli Centre of Photography.

Mikkeli Centre of Photography
Mikkeli Centre of Photography began its work in 1989. During 20 years it was located next to the market square in the centre of City of Mikkeli.

New location for the Centre
The construction of the new Centre started in autumn 2010. The Centre rented a cultural historical building for its new headquarters. The new Centre opened on 4.12.2010 in the Mikkeli University Campus. The new exhibition spaces were designed and constructed by the team of the Mikkeli Centre of Photography. The galleries have mobility access, high quality equipment for lighting as well as for humidity and temperature control. So far the Centre has organised over 100 exhibitions.

Publication Series

The Centre has produced several publications. In 2011 the Centre started its own Mikkeli Centre of Photograhy Publication Series.

Activities expanded

In the new location the activities of the Centre have expanded from the exhibitions to research, publications, art printing and educational programme.

Pentti Sammallahti in 2010.

The Christmas Exhibition of the members in 2011.

Lyrical Garden in 2008. The poster photograph by Ritva Tuomi.